Ten Commandments Of Guest Beds

Review This List Before Shopping For A Guest Bed

1. Always buy a mattress that if you had to sleep on it, you could comfortably. – If you have a guest room, there is probably a good chance that some time in the future it will be used. Someone gets sick, snores, the master bedroom is being painted/remodeled etc. All these issues will require the guest room to be used. Or nephews and nieces may come and stay with you. Funerals, weddings, graduations, holidays and reunions all may bring guests to your home. Have a mattress that is nice enough for an average adult to sleep comfortably. It makes little sense to waste money on a bad mattress.

2. Be prepared to discuss with your salesperson the ages, sizes and frequency of your expected guests. – Based on the above list, who might sleep on the mattress? Is Uncle Harvey 6’6″ and 400 lbs. and visits you every holiday? Is it just toddlers who might sleep in your guest room? Be prepared to answer these questions so you can make a wise buying decision.

3. Anticipate the unexpected – Friends and family may need a place to stay during hard times. I have known many, many friends and family that have opened their homes to people in need. This is one reason I strongly encourage people to never buy a bad mattress. There is rarely a mattress that “nobody will ever use.” If you truly have a room that is never used, don’t buy a mattress.

Always select a guest bed that if you HAD to sleep on it, you could comfortably.

4. Floor models/samples make great guest beds! – When a mattress line is discontinued, retailers sell off their floor models. They usually have a lower cost – sometimes 50% or more off. So a queen mattress set that might be on sale for $1,000 could be had for $499 or less. These are usually much better mattress sets than comparable new ones at that same price. People may have tested them, but nobody has slept on them. Look them over carefully before you purchase. Usually, once you take delivery there is no warranty or return on floor models – see #9 below.

5. Consider clearance mattress sets if such an opportunity is available. – I’m not as keen on clearance as I am floor models because with clearance mattresses, you may be inheriting someone else’s problem. Most clearance comes from two sources – trial returns and warranty returns. If a retailer allows a 30 – 100 day testing period, the returned mattresses are sanitized and placed in clearance stores. If a mattress is taken back on a warranty claim, depending on manufacturer policies, it may end up in a clearance center. My experiences are that clearance salespeople are the worst at honestly telling people why a mattress is in clearance. Their job is to move clearance out the door. Be very cautious when buying clearance and never buy clearance for your every night mattress!

Some retailers code the clearance mattresses. If you can break the code, you might be able to safely avoid a warranty mattress. Remember though, the vast majority of what is in clearance will be USED mattresses. Somebody has slept on them. If this bothers you, do not buy clearance. Many states require used mattresses to be sanitized, inspected and tagged as such. Be sure and look it over carefully and test it before spending money on clearance. Once it leaves, it becomes your problem.

6. Have realistic expectations. – Don’t expect to find a queen set of any quality for under $200. Be wary of anything that sounds too good to be true. If its “brand new” and only $399, make sure you test it. In my experience, if its under $600, there are a great deal of compromises in the quality and comfort of the mattress set. If money is tight, focus on the comfort. Lie on the mattress the way you sleep. If you feel the springs, its too hard, or too bouncy, its probably not the right mattress for you. Things like side support, specialty foams and natural fiber are not as important for an inexpensive guest mattress, but comfort and support are very important depending on who might use it.

7. Consider buying a mattress only. – Is the box in good shape, i.e. no noise, cracks, bowing or defects? Assuming that the box is in good shape, invest more into a quality mattress. Most inexpensive mattress sets come with just a cheap wood platform box anyway. Your current box may be even better than what you might get new. See #9 below for why warranty does not matter.

8. Buy from an established retailer that will be there when things go wrong. – Never buy off of a truck or from some temporary close-out place. You may be getting someone else’s problems. The same goes for individuals if you don’t know them well. There is no telling what is in that mattress.

9. Warranties and trial periods are not as important for most guest bed situations, especially that are rarely used. – The number one warranty issue with any mattress is a body impression. This happens when the comfort layers compress under the weight of the individual sleeping on the mattress. On a good quality mattress, or a very hard mattress, this usually will not happen until after many months of someone sleeping in the exact spot. With a guest bed and infrequent use, a body impression will never be a problem. Trial periods are nice, but not as necessary unless your guest is planning an extended stay. If your parents are coming from India to stay for 3 months, a trial period might be a wise option.

10. Consider moving your current mattress to the guest room and improve your sleep. – Is your current mattress as comfortable as it was 8 years ago when you bought it? Are you considering moving up to a king size? These are both excellent reasons to consider moving a master bed into the guest room. Since you are the one sleeping in the house every night, you need to make sure you have the very best sleeping surface in the house.

Mattresses will always go up in price, so its better to invest in a new mattress for yourself now, then wait another 5 years and spend even more. Especially true if your current mattress has enough comfort life in it to be a comfortable guest room mattress for the foreseeable future.

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