The End of Offset Coils?

I have noticed that many manufacturers are gravitating towards the Marshall coil system – or a variation of it. A Marshall coil is a unit with individual coils that operate independently. The benefit to you is that it is a much more conforming feel, and far less motion transfer – you will not feel your partner move.

I think this is a wise move. The old offset and Bonnell systems, that had the coils “laced” together, did not conform well at all. In order to get the most conformance, you had to pile on comfort layers. This only made the body impression issue worse for consumers.

Sealy is the latest manufacturer to move towards Marshall coils in their main line beds. Although they still use the Posture Tech coil in their lower level mattresses. Stearns & Foster already made the change.

I think this is good for the industry and good for consumers.

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