Mattress Freebies

Its that time again – Here come the mattress freebies!

Free Gift Card!
Free Stuffed Animal!
Free Sheets!

Free Memory Foam Pillow!
Free Box Springs!

For regular readers of this blog, you know my position – Don’t fall for the hype. There is nothing free in this world. If you are getting something for nothing, you are paying for it somewhere.

Forget the trinkets and trash and focus on finding the right mattress for your body. Once you do, locate comparable mattress sets and compare prices for the complete package, including all add-ons (delivery, frame, mattress protector and even gifts with purchase – GWP). If the store offering the free stuff is actually less, fantastic. But more times than not, the store that does not have the freebies will be less. Take the money you saved and go out and buy yourself that cuddly stuffed animal.


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  1. Peyton P. says:

    This is so true! I had a really tough time with shopping when I moved into my new house a little over a month ago. I scoured every mattress/furniture store for about two weeks, resisting all free gimmicks, and surprisingly ended up ordering one online. I got a Serta mattress from Specifically the Corvin Eurotop. I would highly recommend expanding your choices by going online where it’s easier to compare the prices AND freebies. Do a quick Google search and find the best values including coupon codes or sales. For this purchase, I used a coupon code I Googled. Along with that, free shipping and mattress set up/removal, and the Value Pay option – I ended up paying MUCH less than what I found in-store (Despite the missing teddy bear with oh-so-cute red ribbon.). This advice is good – DO NOT FALL FOR GIMMICKS!

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