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Memorial Day Mattress Shopping

This is the big one – Memorial Day!

If you are heading out to find the bed of your dreams, here are a few things to keep in mind:

HYPE: EVERYONE is having a “BIG” sale. Don’t fall for the hype. Buying  the correct mattress is more important than “getting this last one for 75% off.” Or, that gift card or TV – remember if you are getting freebies, you are paying for it somewhere.

COMFORT: The way the mattress conforms to your body is probably the most important factor in getting the right mattress. Only alignment rivals in importance. Make sure you spend greater amounts of time in your natural sleeping position on your final selections.

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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Sale

If you are tired of waking up with a sore back, or tossing and turning all night, now is your chance to change all that. Tempur-Pedic® is currently offering up to $200 off all flat sets. Their entire line is available at these lower prices at any authorized Tempur-Pedic dealer. They are also discontinuing the Classic and Deluxe models which will save you a few more dollars while they last.

Tempur-Pedic minimum pricing is set by the manufacturer and they rarely offer discounts like these. If you have ever considered getting one, now is the time to act.

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Mattress Financing

Mattress retailers have for many years offered a variety of ways to pay for your new mattress set. But it seems in bad economic times, we see retailers pushing financing even harder than usual. Now there is nothing necessarily wrong with borrowing if you have the money to service the loan. In an ideal world, we would all pay cash for everything and never borrow. Unfortunately, that is unlikely in the age of exorbitant taxes and trillion dollar deficits.

The most common forms of financing are no interest plans. Based on your purchase price, you could finance very large amounts sometimes as much as 60 months. The key is making your payments every month and on time. If you don’t, you will be hit with some pretty ugly interest rates that are retroactive.

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Memorial Day Mattress Sale

Yep, its that time again. The start of the summer buying season. From Memorial Day through Labor Day is when the majority of income is made in the mattress industry. There are many reasons for this including graduations, weddings, divorces, new home purchases and the start of the school year. All of these seem to trigger mattress purchases and are more frequent in the Summer months. Also, advertising expenditures go significantly up during the big three holidays – Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.

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Let Your Body Do The Shopping

Mattress shoppers tend to spend far too much time on issues that really don’t matter. They shop with their eyes (appearance or price). Or they focus on their hands (touch or the feel of the surface material). Or sometimes they focus on emotion (deal, sale or hype). And sadly, they will often rely on history (personal experience) or brand (reputation or recommendation).

None of these are necessarily bad. But if you want to get the very BEST mattress for you, let your body do the shopping. What I mean by that is you must put your body on the mattress in your natural sleeping position. Have your salesperson or shopping partner examine your alignment. Make sure your spine is relatively straight in your natural sleep position, as well as other common ones like back, side and stomach.

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