Let Your Body Do The Shopping

Mattress shoppers tend to spend far too much time on issues that really don’t matter. They shop with their eyes (appearance or price). Or they focus on their hands (touch or the feel of the surface material). Or sometimes they focus on emotion (deal, sale or hype). And sadly, they will often rely on history (personal experience) or brand (reputation or recommendation).

None of these are necessarily bad. But if you want to get the very BEST mattress for you, let your body do the shopping. What I mean by that is you must put your body on the mattress in your natural sleeping position. Have your salesperson or shopping partner examine your alignment. Make sure your spine is relatively straight in your natural sleep position, as well as other common ones like back, side and stomach.

Check for pressure – On your side, do you feel any discomfort on your shoulder and/or hip. If so, that mattress is too hard. You need more pressure relieving material between you and the innerspring – or whatever support is employed.  

As you start narrowing down by comfort type, brand and then price, spend more time on the mattress, allowing your body to relax on each one. Ultimately, your body’s comfort is all that really matters. Whether its a Sealy or a Purple Hippo, a $1000 or $100 set, if it does not fit YOUR body, don’t buy it. Your body deserves proper support and comfort every night. Alignment issues and pressure will accumulate causing restless nights. And over time, incorrect alignment may cause more serious health issues.

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