4th of July Mattress Sale!

Independence Day Mattress Sale!

The birth of our country (4th of July) is another good reason to have a massive mattress sale. I did a quick review of various chains to see what was being offered.

Two chains are featuring $1000 off a name-brand mattress. No telling what type of quality it may be. Another is offering free delivery over $599 and free memory foam pillows with a purchase. Some offer 50% or 70% off, they don’t say off of what, so who knows if this is any real savings. Another large chain is advertising two name brand queen sets in the high $300s. My expectation is that these are the bare minimum in comfort and quality at those price points.

I wrote the above not necessarily¬†to criticize the industry, but as a reminder that most of what you see in sales and mattress promotions¬†is hype. Remember, the only thing that matters is that you get the correct mattress that fits your body. Do this first before even looking at price. Find a good mattress salesperson (see page link to the right for suggestions on how to do that) and have them “fit” you for a mattress.

If you have to do it yourself, lie on the mattress on your back, then your side and then your natural sleeping position. Check your alignment, make sure your spine is relatively straight from your neck to your hips. On your side check for pressure or pain in your shoulder or hips. On your back, check to make sure the mattress conforms – fills in your lower back and you are not sinking into the mattress like a hammock. When you reach your natural sleeping position, if different, make sure it feels good. Comfort always trumps other factors.

Once you find the correct mattress, then you can start your comparison shopping. Forget the hype. Compare what the bottomline price is including delivery and any accessories that you need like frame and mattress protector. Make sure they give you at least 30 days to test the mattress and a fair policy where you can exchange it. If you find a mattress for less at a competitor, take that information back to the first retailer to make sure you get the very best value for your money.

Also, this is the last major weekend for the Tempur-Pedic $200 off sale. They rarely have sales, so any savings is well worth it. Tempur-Pedic is what I sleep on and it is the best mattress solution in my opinion. At the very least, give them a try while you are out shopping. If it works, at least you will save a few dollars on them.

Happy 4th of July Mattress Shopping!!

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