Tempurpedic Complaints

I was forwarded several links that purportedly were from unbiased sites that discuss complaints about Tempur-Pedic® mattresses. They wanted me to take a look and provide some feedback.

Before I start the process of debunking the so-called complaints, the first thing you should look for on any site that purports to reveal “the facts” is to figure out their point of view. If the answer to every “problem” just happens to be another competitive product, that should pretty well locate the creator of the site. In fact, if the site was created primarily to push people towards a competitor, you must realize that the “reviews” and “advice” may be tainted. Let’s move on.

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

My degree is in marketing and I started out in the advertising world. Consumer research is critical to understanding consumer preferences and targeting the message to the right market. The dark side of statistics is they can be easily manipulated or even misunderstood.

One site I visited tossed out all sorts of claims and even placed percentages on these claims. Never once did I see reference to a study, or a methodology for these numbers. So let’s look at some numbers that Tempur-Pedic has published on their products:

From 2010 Blackstone Group Study

92% Tempur-Pedic owners recommend their mattress.

94% Tempur-Pedic owners were satisfied with their mattress and with the comfort.

Those are absurd numbers in any industry. From experience, those numbers are probably a little low because I rarely if ever had one returned or exchanged in 10 years of selling them. I sold all the top brands: latex, air, innerspring and every knock off memory foam you could imagine.

From Gallop:

10% of all mattress owners report sleeping hot.

4% of all Tempurpedic owners report sleeping hot.

One of the biggest complaints I hear – usually from people who have never slept on a Tempur-Pedic, is that the mattress sleeps hot. As you can see from the numbers above, roughly 10% of the population sleeps hot as a general rule. There are many reasons for this including life changes, metabolism, lifestyle, linens and room temperature. If you are hot natured, prone to night sweats etc, that may not change on any mattress. I fall into this category. In fact, there are few people on this planet that are hotter (body temperature that is) than me. I sleep on a Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme and have not experienced any warmer nights than on my old innerspring product.

But don’t just take my word for it. In ten years of selling Tempur-Pedic mattresses, and hundreds of all the various models in bedrooms, I never had one mattress returned for heat issues. That is a remarkable record considering I saw all major brands returned for those reasons at times.

There is nothing inside a Tempur-Pedic that generates heat. It is an open cell foam and air circulates through the mattress. But if you are a very hot natured person, like me, you will have to make adjustments to be comfortable. And that is true for ANY mattress. The benefits of proper alignment, no presuure, no motion transfer and the off-the-chart durability will far outweigh ANY heat issues.

The Price Complaint

If you go shopping for a BMW, Rolex, IPhone or any premium item, you probably know the price is going to be a little higher. You could go to your local warehouse or discounter or even used car lot and buy a cheaper phone, watch or car. But the reality is that it may not be as good, or last as long. That is reality. When it comes to mattresses, Tempur-Pedic will have a slightly higher average price than most major brands. But all the manufacturers have premium level products that are priced well above your entry level Tempur-Pedic ($1800 queen). Innerspring mattresses can go $5,000+ for national brands and even higher for specialty bedding.

If your budget is only $500, you are not a Tempur-Pedic customer. And quite honestly, any memory foam product in your price range will be worse than a similarly priced innerspring product. But we will save that for another discussion.

Durability Complaint

If you are willing to spend the money for a true Tempur-Pedic, you will likely get at the very least 10 years of quality sleep. The durability may take you to 20+ years (that is the warranty life). I hedge the numbers for one simple reason, there is no way to predict what your sleeping and lifestyle needs and desires might be 10 or even 20 years from now. Ten years of quality sleep is awesome, considering 4-6 was the average comfort life of the innerspring products I sold.

COMFORT LIFE – The amount of time a person can sleep on a mattress comfortably. With an average innerspring mattress, this would vary based on the type of comfort layers, rotation times, moisture/humidity, sleep patterns and position. An insanely soft mattress, without a mattress protector or any rotation, with a side sleeper in the same position and place, could drastically reduce that time.

The comfort life of Tempur material is off the charts. There is no comparison in durability to even your very best air or innerspring mattress, or even many memory foam knock offs to Tempur-Pedic. In the 10 years selling them, I had one warranty complaint. That is incredible! The customer came to my store a few weeks later and said that Tempur-Pedic replaced his mattress and everything was wonderful. He had been on it 6 years at the time of the issue. I have been told that Tempur-Pedic’s warranty return rate is 1/2%. I don’t doubt that based on my experience. No manufacturer came close to those numbers that I have ever sold.

The Comfort Complaint

When Tempur-Pedic first came out the options were very limited. You had one density and the feel was on the firmer side and the reaction time pretty slow. But times have changed. They have tinkered and tested with their formula and now have three different densities. Their HD (High Density) collection is their middle of the road feel. Not too hard, not too soft, with a slower reaction time, but much more pressure relief. It is a “richer” feel if you will.

Their Cloud series is the “softest” feel and lowest density. I sleep on the Cloud Supreme myself. If you prefer a more traditional or softer feel and a quicker reaction time,  you probably need to be looking at Clouds.

The Contour collection is their newest line and includes their original entry level beds with an improved reaction time and much nicer looking mattresses – the old matts had little showroom appeal. This is the firmest feel. If you are used to harder beds, these will be the best support, firmest feel, but with none of the pressure issues from a typical hard innerspring mattress.

As you can see from the above, they have mattresses for everyone. You might could make an argument about reaction time or firmness with the very first Tempur-Pedics, but those days are long gone.

I will end here. I may be back for a part 2 if I find more online shenanigans.

BTW – I do not work for Tempur-Pedic or own any stock in the company. However, you may see Tempur-Pedic ads on this site – along with many other manufacturers. These are served by Google and I have no control over which ads appear at any given time.

PLEASE NOTE: The Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme, or any Tempurpedic mattress, may not be the right mattress for you. I do believe that Tempurpedic makes some of the best products on the market today. But please do not buy a mattress based on someone else’s experience. You need to try each mattress and determine which one will be the best support and comfort for YOUR BODY.

Happy Mattress shopping!!

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  1. Yanira Doyel says:

    Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I in finding It truly helpful & it helped me out much. I’m hoping to give one thing again and help others like you helped me.

  2. judy says:

    We bought the Tempur-pedic mattress Feb. 2012′, we paid $3,500.00 for just the top piece, we were told at the time the SMELL would go away…we bought this mattress in Feb. knowing my husband was going to have total knee replacement in April of this year, He is NOW still in bed, the smell is NOT gone, I (his wife) cannot and has not slept in the bed one time since we have bought it, waiting for this horrible smell to leave…I am 40′ away from that mattress right now and I can still smell it, the whole bedroom, curtains, chairs, clothes smells like this mattress.
    I called Tempur Pedic, I was told to send pictures of the mattress along with the paper work…well I can’t send pictures through the computer, I do not have the camera to do this with.
    Seriously, this mattress makes me sick to my stomach, as for my husband, he needs it right now, while his knee heals…..he is the one that told me to return it…..the HEAT exchange from this mattress is terrible too….if you can’t stand sleeping on the “warm” side and you can deal with the strong smell from this mattress, you had better buy something else.

  3. says:

    Sorry to hear of your challenges. Most retailers and even Tempur-Pedic allow you to exchange and sometimes return a mattress. I sleep on a Tempur-Pedic myself, and had no problems with any odor. In ten years of selling a great many Tempur-Pedics, I never had one returned for any smell issues. But I did have a handful traditional innerspring mattresses returned for that reason.

  4. catherine says:

    I have had my tempur pedic mattress for about a year the cloud supreme the smell was awfull at first then went away, we have been dealing with the heat of the mattress since day one i have a quilt and a matress pad and the side of the body that is on the bed is hot the side that is not is cool if you pull even a sheet on you sweat. i finally put a tarp under the quilt and mattress pad it cooled it down but is not i found it slides and is not very comfortable, i don’t know how i’m going to sleep on it for the next 20 years paid to much to get rid of it

  5. says:

    I have slept on the Cloud Supreme for over a year. I am very hot natured person – 6’5″ 300lbs. I sleep cooler than I did on my traditional Sealy mattress I had before. In the 10 years I sold Tempur-Pedic I NEVER had one come back for heat related issues. Tests I have done on the mattress show Tempur material outperforming other supposedly cooler “gel” infused knock-offs in temperature retention. Less than 4% of Tempur-Pedic owners report sleeping warmer compared to 10% of the general population on all brands.

    Having said that, if you are a warm person, nothing short of an air conditioned mattress may be a remedy. Before doing that, I would recommend removing everything and sleep on just the mattress. Then add only a thin, breathable mattress protector (not a traditional mattress pad). A traditional pad may contribute to heat issues. Get natural fiber sheets that breathe. And then see if there are still any heat issues.

    I have found the support, alignment, durability, pressure relief, and reduced motion transfer of Tempur material offsets any heat related issue compared to other brands. But we are all different and react differently on mattresses. There is nothing about Tempur-Pedic that makes them warmer than other memory foam products or traditional products.

    A change to a less supportive product may actually make the situation worse.

  6. Joe says:

    You seriously sound like a Tempurpedic fanboy. Just because YOU don’t sleep hot on the bed doesn’t mean a large % of people don’t. I bought a simplicity mattress that in half a year has become actually more useless than a piece of cheap foam. I was manipulated and lied to by the salesman at a well known furniture store and authorized dealer. My mattress has almost zero memory characteristics and has lost almost all of it’s firmness. No mere softening up over time here. I wake up and my butt is hitting the bottom. When I sit up, I bounce off the bottom. Lower back pains are back worse than ever. They go away when I sleep on any other surface. And the hot issue. When I get under even a thin sheet, I am hotter than I ever was under 3 blankets on a standard mattress.

    Simplicity line=pure junk and it’s been discussed on other sites. It’s a huge margin money making tool that is sold to unsuspecting consumers. I’m 5’10” and 185 lbs. Hardly a heavy man. This bed should be sold to no one over I’d imagine 150lbs or maybe even less. It can’t handle the weight and due to they’re supposed 2.1lb density, I don’t feel it should even be on the market or sold under the Tempurpedic name. I’ve met other people who have lower priced memory form mattresses that are a much higher density, who have had them for years and love them.

    Yay tempurpedic for completely ripping off consumers.

    And please, do not defend this line of mattresses. If you have never tried one, you can’t give a first hand review of it. If you haven’t tried one, trust me, don’t. Maybe the higher priced models, with their superior air flow, densities, tempur material layer thickness, etc are a good quality bed. The Simplicity line, however, is not. It’s a money making scam they devised to combat online retailers offering products cheaper. Sadly a trend that will only get worse.

  7. says:

    My comments on Tempur-Pedic come from personal experience (2+ years on a Cloud Supreme and I am 6’5″ 300+ and hotter than you know what), a decade of experience working with hundreds of satisfied customers who purchased various Tempur-Pedic products with virtually no returns or complaints, and the shared experiences of sales professionals in this industry that report similar experiences selling Tempur-Pedic. Like any sleep product, you still must get fitted on the right mattress for your body type, sleep position, comfort range, and budget. The Simplicity line is not my favorite. But for the money, they may be better than most products at that price range.

    Its unfortunate you had a bad experience. There is no mattress that is one size fits all. But Tempur-Pedic comes as close as I have seen in the last few decades to creating a line that works in most situations. If it is a warranty problem, Tempur-Pedic has one of the best claim departments in the industry. If its a comfort issue, go back to your retailer and pursue and exchange/upgrade.

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