Mattress Protector

If you head out this weekend to buy the mattress of your dreams, DO NOT FORGET THE MATTRESS PROTECTOR!

Sorry for shouting, but I just had a friend that recently bought a new mattress. They forgot the protector and of course the grandchild had an accident on their new mattress. They hired a professional steamer, but it did little to correct the problem.

Please, please, please heed this one piece of advice. If you buy a new mattress ALWAYS buy a mattress protector. A traditional mattress pad helps, but all the comfort should come from the mattress. The pad needs to provide the protection. It needs to be waterproof, breathable and washable. Stay away from the cheap plastic ones that will turn your bed into a sauna, create condensation issues and all sorts of noise.

Quality protectors may be a little more expensive at retail, but the warranty will cover both the pad and mattress when you buy them together. Well, it should if you buy a good quality pad. Protect-A-Bed is the one that I use and recommend.

If you do not want to pay the retailer price, buy from Amazon – see the link below and to your right. They seem to have the best prices. You can also use this as leverage to negotiate a lower retail price and get the coverage for your new mattress.

Either way, please protect your bed. It makes little sense to invest $1,000+ on a new mattress to see it destroyed by an accident or become ruined by perspiration or infested by dust mites. Even if there are no pets or small children, we still loose about a pint of perspiration a night along with other things that cause problems in your mattress. Keep your mattress clean!

Happy Mattress (Protector) Shopping!!

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