Mattress Shopping At Membership Clubs

I was always amused by the folks that visited the large membership clubs and then would come to my store. Do you really think a full service mattress retailer is going to compete with a membership warehouse that operates, in some cases, on single digit margins?

Look, if all you care about is price, buy from a membership club. They will always be the cheapest. What you will compromise is the opportunity to test the mattresses and also any expertise that a seasoned mattress professional could offer to fit you and your spouse on the right mattress.

Some of the membership clubs may not allow returns or exchanges without significant hurdles. This is very important because generally they are not set up to allow you to test their mattresses. You will not know how well a mattress will perform until after at least 30 days of sleeping on it. Make sure you understand ALL of their return or exchange policies, including delivery.

The membership clubs will not have the same mattresses as a full service mattress retailer. A minor foam or fiber change can make a world of difference to your long term comfort and mattress durability.

I know times are tough. The economy has been stagnant since 2008 and is showing no signs of rebounding before the next election. If money is tight, get the least expensive mattress that you can find that is comfortable. But if you are serious about getting a good night sleep, visit a mattress professional. Have him or her fit you properly on a mattress. A full service store will have many options and brands and it is important to try a variety to find the best one for your body shape and comfort needs. A membership club will likely only carry one brand and a very limited selection.

You may pay a little bit more, but quality sleep is very much worth it. And quite frankly, a good salesperson who fits you properly is worth every penny of commission they earn.

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