Mattress Specs – What’s Inside My Mattress?

Blitzkrieg PT

1200 individually wrapped coils
13 Gauge Steel
3″ Visco
2″ Latex
4″ Really Soft Super Foam


If you saw these specs on a mattress, would you know if it was the right mattress for you? Probably not. You must lie down on the mattress for ten or fifteen minutes to begin to evaluate the support and comfort of any mattress. Always try a mattress on your back, then on your side and finally in your natural sleeping position. At each position, check your spinal alignment. Any bowing of the spine should be a red flag. On your side, if you feel any pain or pressure in your hips, it is too hard.

There are several web sites that push specs, specs specs. The reality is that once you get to the mainline level for all major brands, the quality is not that different. But the comfort and comfort life can vary dramatically. Just a few changes in the type of fiber or foam layers used, can make a major change in the support, comfort or durability of that mattress. As a general rule of thumb, go as firm (feeling) as you can, but don’t be uncomfortable.

If you press down on the mattress and it gives quickly and freely, that is probably very low density foam and/or a whole lot of fiber. A mattress like that will get immediate and noticeable body impressions – especially for side sleepers. Its not necessarily weight that causes these valleys, but time, pressure, heat and moisture working together.

You will drive yourself nuts trying to understand what Really Extra Super Soft Foam does for you. Or if one inch of latex is better than two. Try the mattress and just use the specs as a way to differentiate products. It would take a mattress engineer to decipher mattress specs. In fact, most salespeople really couldn’t tell you the rationale for various combinations of foam, much less what was actually in the mattress.

I don’t care if the innerspring is made out of solid gold and the foam created from the milk of prize-winning dairy cows. Even if the fiber is spun by blind Tibetan monks from virgin llama hair, and the ticking made from the pelt of magical unicorns, if it doesn’t correctly support your body, or is not comfortable, don’t buy it!

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