A Well Conditioned Mattress

It has become a common practice to allow consumers to spend some time on the mattress and return it if they do not like it. I applaud the industry for this practice. You absolutely need a minimum of 30 days on a mattress to truly decide if it is the correct sleeping solution for your body.

All mattresses, just like shoes, need to be conditioned for your body shape and size. This process may only take a day or two on a fluffy soft pillowtop, or as long as a month on a premium memory foam mattress.

While the mattress is changing to fit your needs, your body must adjust to a different level of support and conformance. If you have spent the last 25 years on a substandard mattress with inadequate support, there may be a very long process of adjusting to a new mattress.

The bottom line is this, do not run back to the retailer after the first night. Expect a little discomfort the first couple of weeks. If you sleep fine, great! But if you are not adjusting immediately, this is not a sign that you selected the wrong mattress or an inferior one. If you worked with a good salesperson, they probably fitted you correctly. Give it some time and you may be surprised how wonderful good sleep can be.

But before doing any of the above, make sure your retailer offers a trial period. Get their policy in writing and make sure there are no hidden fees or surprises. Absolutely make sure that you purchase a high quality waterproof, breathable mattress protector. If the mattress is stained while you are testing it, most places will not buy it back.

Get Some Happy Sleep!!

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