Veteran’s Day Mattress Sale

To all my readers who have served in the Armed Forces I say thank you for your service to our country. And a special thank you to the families of wounded veterans and those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. America is eternally grateful for your sacrifice.

Friday is of course Veteran’s Day and probably the biggest mattress sales weekend of the fall. If time permits, do some shopping around before committing the dollars. There will be a whole lot of hype surrounding the sales event, but don’t fall for it. Find the right mattress that fits YOUR body and THEN seek out the best value for your money.

A couple of tips before you go shopping on Veteran’s Day:

If you are a veteran, take your military ID or proof of service. As a salesman, I always did something extra for veterans. But if it is not mentioned, nothing will happen. Once you have settled on a mattress and price, ask if there is an additional savings for Veterans. The worse that could happen is they say “no.”

If you are under the care of a doctor or Chiropractor, have them write a prescription for a new mattress. The scrip should have your name, diagnosis and recommendation (i.e. Tempur-Pedic mattress). Same applies to Chiropractors except it needs to be in letter form on their letterhead. In some states, this will save you the sales tax on your mattress purchase. For a good quality king set, this could be several hundred dollars in savings. Check with your state/local comptroller website to see if this applies in your area.

Quick Review of Veteran’s Day Mattress Sales Nationwide:

Price Wars – This can manifest in several different ways, but normally it is two or three major brands at the same price point. If these are the right mattress for your body, than great. Otherwise ignore the hype.

King For A Queen – Sounds like a big savings, but typically no better than any other sale. Unless you know what the price was previously, its hard to know if there is really any big savings. If the store is starting at a competitive price point, you might do well. If they are jacking the price up, or if they are already above market rates, you probably pay more.

Queens Starting At $299 – They are garbage. The price point is merely designed to get you through the door. Resist the urge to be played by this nonsense. There is nothing brand new, with full warranty, you would want an adult or child to sleep on under $600. This is the biggest problem this industry faces, setting unrealistic price point expectations with consumers.

50% – 60% – 80% OFF – I’ve said this often, the starting point is the key. If the mattresses are already way above market rates, whatever bogus discount applied for a Veteran’s Day Mattress Sale will not really be a savings. Do some comparison shopping before falling for this marketing ploy.

Freebies – Veteran’s Day is not a big holiday for freebies, but there are a few offering sheets and other trinkets. If you are getting something “free”, even on Veteran’s Day, you are paying for it somewhere.

Coupons, Rebates, Discounts – Big holidays like Veteran’s Day are a marketers dream. People are already in a buying frenzy so all it takes is a little hype to get them in your store. Shop smart and don’t get fooled by the hype.


As I have said often, go through the process of finding a mattress brand, type and model that fits YOUR body. And then do some price comparison. Don’t feel forced to make a quick decision. A GOOD mattress salesperson will guide, and never push. This is a ten-year investment minimum. Don’t just buy the first mattress that feels good.

Remember, you are buying SLEEP not a mattress. It is not a piece of furniture, so don’t approach this decision as such. Your health and well-being are directly tied to the performance of the mattress you choose. Choose wisely.

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