Year End Mattress Sale

What a wonderful 2011 in the mattress biz. We recently saw the introduction of “flavored” memory foam, double and now triple coils and even an air conditioned mattress. What will 2012 offer? Only the mattress gurus know for sure.

Here are a few tips as we wind down the last week of 2011:

1. Remember, even if your mattress includes fabric made from virgin llamas raised by blind, Tibetan monks, a solid gold innerspring and fur taken, with much toil and effort, from honey badgers that just don’t care; if the mattress is not comfortable, don’t buy it. I have watched people drive themselves nuts trying to figure out specs for a given mattress. It means nothing if the mattress does not fit you. Lie down and try the mattress. Only refer to specs when it becomes time to compare to similar models in other retailers.

2. Mismatch Sales – No company should ever have a plethora of “last year’s boxes” lying around. This is a marketing gimmick. And if you are getting a different box, you may be getting an inferior product that will reduce the comfort life and/or void your warranty. Be careful with people pushing this game on you.

3. 50% Off Mattresses! – Repeat after me – “50% off of what?” All that matters is the bottom-line price. If a store is claiming 75% off, it is most likely not relevant to the actual regular selling price. Do your comparison shopping and ignore the hype. Retailers do not stay in business selling products at 75% off.

4. $199 Queen Pillowtop – Don’t waste your time. It is an insult to mattresses, the industry and any real sleep expert to call what you would get at $199, a mattress. It is springs with a cover.

5. Sleeping Well? – If you are waking up with lower back pain, if you toss and turn all night, have trouble with nighttime allergies, or are tired all day, its time to get a new mattress. Find a true sleep expert and have them fit you for the right mattress. You will be amazed what a good night of sleep will do for your body and life.

6. Tempur-Pedic is still running their price reduction through the middle of January. You save up to $200 on a king set. Its not much, but they have a no haggle policy (thank goodness) so any savings is worth it. Besides, I still believe it is by far the best mattress solution on the market. But the competition is improving…more on this next year.

7. Get a prescription before buying a mattress. Many states with sales tax allow you to avoid paying sales tax with a scrip or letter (on letterhead) from a Chiropractor. Check with the tax office in your state. Generally, you need your name, diagnosis and recommendation. Keep the bed choices generic – “memory foam bed, adjustable mattress set, pressure relieving mattress set.” If you are buying an adjustable set, your tax savings could be substantial. I friend of mine just saved over $600 on her adjustable purchase. Its an easy savings and costs the retailer or salesman nothing.

8. Get an adjustable base. Most mattresses these days are designed to work on adjustable beds. If you watch TV, work on the laptop, read, have health issues that require articulation, or simply want some of the best pressure relief available, get an adjustable bed. And please don’t refer to them as hospital beds. This isn’t your grandparents hospital bed we are talking about anymore. These are an incredible addition to your bedroom.

9. Innerspring mattresses are dead. Let’s face reality, nobody should sleep on steel springs. Memory foam, latex and air beds are taking over. Look for this trend to increase in 2012. The quality, assortment and price ranges have reached the point that it makes little sense to waste money on a mattress with springs inside. Next time you visit a mattress retailer, note the percentage of innerspring to non-innerspring mattresses on the floor.

10. Have a Happy New Year… May your sleep be sweet on a new mattress next year!!

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