Toxic Mattresses

I recently encountered a customer that had bought an S-brand mattress. After a couple of days of “research” on the Internet, she became convinced that her mattress was lethal. First it was the Fire Retardant process (a Federal mandate), then it was memory foam and finally it was all foams. Within a week, and convinced by the online wizards of smart, she had to return her mattress before it killed her.

Nothing irritates me more than companies or salespeople attempting to make a sale by employing fear. In the case above, the sites she was visiting were created by companies that manufacture “green” mattresses, and they were sowing fear to sell their brand.

Let’s lay aside my skepticism that there is any quality mattress set that is truly 100% organic. If one existed, it would be quite expensive and not necessarily the correct support, or have the durability consumers need. But let’s assume for a moment that one such bed COULD be found.

What will the customer do about the rest of her environment? Does she drive a car that is filled with foams and petroleum based plastics? If that car has air conditioning and/or heater, that air is drawn from around the engine block, from other vehicles’ exhaust, and include a smorgasbord of evil gasses.

Does her house have paint, carpeting, drapes? Any idea what substances are mixed to make those materials? And they are all over the house, not just the bedroom. Are there any plastic containers, fixtures or furnishings in her home? Does she store food or consumable fluids in them? Does she drink out of aluminum or plastic containers? The average house is freaking death trap!

What about the clothes she wears? Are they 100% organic – no dyes, or man-made fabrics or fibers? Those are touching your skin sometimes for 8-10 hours a day or night!

What about toothpaste, soap, perfume, shampoo and a million other “toxic” materials that touch her body daily?

And finally, what about the food she eats and fluids she consumes? There are trace toxins in every public water supply. Carbonated soda is brutal on the body. Pesticides, antibiotics, genetic manipulations and growth hormones are used throughout the food chain.

And yet a mattress, that is not consumed or even touched by the body, is a threat?


I grew up in the middle of the East Texas oil fields. The water and air I breathed were loaded with all sorts of things that people claim are deadly. The funny thing is that oil and gas ARE natural products. God placed them in the earth for your benefit. Do I recommend drinking a glass of gasoline? Absolutely not. But focus your concern on things that WILL kill you, not fearful nonsense based on junk science you find online.

I guarantee that your life will be shortened and your quality of life diminished by lack of quality sleep. Buying some “green” mattress that does not align you properly, or creates unnecessary pressure points will lead to stress and health issues that will ABSOLUTELY shorten your life.

Focus on the real threats and get a mattress that will provide you 8 hours of quality sleep and support.

Oh My Gosh! – I just realized that I have been typing this blog post on a plastic laptop. Yikes!!

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