Floor Model Mattress

Should You Buy A Floor Model Mattress?

This is the time of the year that many manufacturers and retailers change out mattress models. In preparation for the Summer selling season, they will update the line and/or lose slow moving mattresses. It is also the perfect time to pick up a quality mattress at a bargain price.

Floor models typically have a much lower cost from the manufacturer. That means when its time to sell, the retailer can sell that pillowtop that was sold all year at $1000 for only $500. Depending on how desperate the Manager is for space, you might get some incredible deals.


Here are some things to consider when it comes to floor model mattresses.

1. If this is your every night mattress, and you have the funds to purchase a brand new mattress, DO NOT BUY A FLOOR MODEL! These will typically be sold as is, no warranty and no ability to exchange for comfort reasons. The single most important feature/service in mattress shopping is the ability to test and possibly return/exchange a mattress that does not fit you. 5 minutes on a mattress will not tell you how that mattress will perform for 8 hours a night and 365 days a year. You need a minimum of 30 nights to make sure you get the right mattress for your body and sleep habit.

As discussed before, mattress salespeople are not always the best at identifying and fitting you properly. If you can find a true sleep expert, that will help. But those types of professionals are being squeezed out and replaced with kids that couldn’t spot improper alignment if they tried.

If you are working with a limited budget, a floor model may be the best option. Because they may be the highest quality product available to you. If that is the case, get the floor model that is most supportive and comfortable.


2. Floor models make great guest beds! If you already have a good mattress and need a decent bed in your guest room, floor models are an ideal solution. The mattress needs to be good enough that you could sleep comfortably on it. Things like a spouse that snores, sickness, domestic strife, or remodeling, may put you on the mattress for a night or two.

Also, consider the sizes and shapes of your potential guests when picking a mattress. That massive pillowtop may look sweet, but Aunt Gladys may be too heavy to sleep in it. And are there any family members that might be forced into extended stays because of job loss or divorce? Take a few minutes to consider the possibilities and choose wisely. Remember, you are stuck with it.


3. Floor models make great kids’ beds. Too often people don’t want to spend much on children’s beds – which I think is a mistake. Floor models are almost always in Queen size, but every so often you can get lucky and find fulls or twins. A decent quality queen mattress could be a child’s last mattress and double as an extra guest bed as well when couples visit. If the child is old enough to provide input, make sure you take them and test them on the mattresses. They need to be aligned properly, comfortable and be part of the decision.


4. Stick with the major S-brands. If the retailer is selling off the Purple Hippo 2000s, no matter how much they claim it was originally sold for, you are probably compromising significantly in quality. But if that is all that is within your budget, do what you have to do. Test it in the showroom carefully before pulling out your credit card.


5. Inspect that mattress carefully at the store and once it is delivered. Once you sign for it, it becomes your problem. If there is ANYTHING that gives you pause – stain, tear, rip, don’t accept it. On the flip side, floor models will have some wear. I’m talking about catastrophic problems like a major stain or rip down the side. These are things that could cause serious problems down the road. If there is something significant, or even minor wrong, you could always ask for a deeper discount.


If you buy a floor model mattress, always make sure it is supported properly with a proper box and frame/bed. And even if there is not a warranty, protect it with a water-proof protector. Nothing will destroy a mattress faster than fluid getting inside a mattress.

Another tip – visit stores that are low volume and in affluent areas first. The high volume stores will sell off their floor models faster, AND they are more likely to show more wear. A mega superstore may see ten times the daily traffic as a slower store and the mattresses will definitely reflect this.

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  1. We purchased two twin mattresses claiming to be floor models. After opening plastic, and putting both mattresses on Daybed we noticed a horrible smell and the Uniform Law Tags are removed. Got ahold of credit card company to find out our rights to cancel charge and take mattresses back. We have filed a grievance with the BBB.. Who and how can this be stopped… Our house still smells after removing and returning these sticking mattresses..,Susan

  2. says:

    Contact the store and then go up the food chain until you get the results you want. Chargebacks and reports to the BBB are also effective. All floor model/clearance/outlet purchases come with a certain amount of risk. Never accept the merchandise without carefully inspecting/smelling it first.

  3. Lucille Ormsby says:

    How do l know if my NEW Mattress was not a floor sample mattress or worse yet a comfort return mattress…l notice it has the bed name sewn on it

  4. says:

    No perfect solution.

    Was the mattress factory sealed in plastic? – no tape and often 2-color plastic wrap.
    Law Tag – Look at the date of manufacture. If it is several months old it could be a return. The law tag sometimes tells you if it is floor model.
    Ask questions. If you do not trust your salesperson, or the company, don’t accept the mattress. There has to be some level of trust between you and them.

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