Mattress Deal

What’s your best deal on a mattress?

I’m looking for a good mattress deal?

What mattress deals do you have?


I have heard all of the above statements often from mattress customers through the years. I always wonder why they are shopping for a “deal” when they should be looking for ways to improve their sleep.

What exactly is a deal?

When people use the word deal, generally they are looking for some sort of savings story. In the mattress industry, stories abound. You will find mattresses for 50, 75 and even 80% off. The problem is that the discount is normally taken from an inflated, unrealistic starting price. Assuming that is not entirely the case, then it will be a mattress set that you would not even allow a family pet to sleep on because it is so bad.

Don’t shop for deals!

Shop for sleep. It is so simple, but completely overlooked by many consumers, and many mattress sales professionals too. If you can’t find a sleep expert, take your time trying mattresses until you find one that is the correct support and alignment for your body, and anyone else that will be sleeping on the mattress. Test several mattresses/brands that are similar to confirm your original selection. Once you have found the correct mattress, then you can shop around for the best price and services. Don’t waste your time “haggling” or searching for a “deal” until you know what mattress will work for your sleep needs.

Don’t get rushed or “closed” before you are ready. There are thousands of mattress choices. You could sleep on a vast majority of mattresses “if you had to sleep on them.” But the reality is that only a handful would be ideal solutions for you for the next 5-10 years. Every support system and conformance material combination will support and perform differently for each person. There are very few “one size fits all solutions.” That is why it is very important to find a sleep professional to help you locate the best mattress for your body.

Sleep is the MOST important 8 hours of your life. You are on the mattress you select for a third of your life while it is in your home. This is not a decision that should be rushed. And you certainly don’t want to play “let’s make a deal” with Monty, the used car salesman turned mattress expert.


For more information on finding the right mattress, review our pages on how to buy a bed and the older posts.

Happy Mattress Shopping!!

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