Memorial Day Sale 2013

Its here again, a mattress salesperson’s favorite time of the year – Summer Mattress Selling Season! Where mattress sales abound and customers, like a cross between zombies and lemmings, flock to their local mattress shop to buy their new mattress.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Memorial Day mattress sales.

1. Will you save the most money by waiting until Memorial Day. – Unfortunately, this is a common misconception. Most retailers have more aggressive pricing the weeks leading up to the final weekend. Since the holiday falls on the final weekend, most salespeople are out of time to get product shipped by then. This impacts their budget/goal, and their June paycheck. You are likely to save more by heading to the store before the holiday weekend. Plus, you will avoid the crowds, get better service, and can enjoy the holiday with your family.

There might be one or two loss leader types of products, or door-busters on the weekend, but these are rarely anything that you would want someone you care about to sleep on. I have actually seen price increases for the final weekend. The rationale – the customers will be rushing in to buy before the end of the sale and will be less likely to shop around.

2. What is the advantage of buying during a Memorial Day sale? – Not to contradict my first answer, but there are times when it makes sense to buy this time of year. Both Tempur-Pedic and Serta are offering savings on their adjustable bases. Tempur-Pedic is giving 50% their foundations, while Serta and Sealy are offering mail in offers for pillows and gift cards. Since their memory foam pricing is set by the manufacturers, this is one of the few times you can save some dollars on a purchase.

3. What about long term financing? – Typically your longest 0% interest options are available during the holiday weekend. I do not recommend going into debt, but if you manage your money carefully, and pay it off in time to avoid any interest charges, this may be a huge benefit for you.

HOWEVER, avoid like a plague the Bad Credit options without understanding the fine print. The effective interest rate will almost double the price of the bed if you pay it off on their terms. Whatever savings you get during the Memorial Day sale will be overwhelmed by the amount of interest you will pay. You would be better off with layaway, or saving your money for the next sale.

4. But this Purple Hippo Three-Toed Sloth pillowtop has Neapolitan Gel Foam in it! – If you are shopping for innerspring mattresses, don’t get caught up on whatever “new” or “exclusive” foam or feature is in the bed. Most likely some variation of this same foam is in every mattress at that same price point. For comparison, look at price, depth of mattress, and most importantly the comfort and support for your body. A 1/2″ of some wacky new foam amongst 4 or 5″ of other fluff is not going to make much of a difference. These “exclusives” exist for one reason – to discourage you from comparison shopping. If you do go to any competitor and ask about the new Neapolitan Gel Foam that will make the bed last forever, of course they will not have it. Instead, they will have Milano Gel Foam which is “so much better.”

5. The mattress across the street was 90% off! – Ignore the percentage savings. Look at the final price, including delivery, frame, and any other add-ons or services that you need. Compare apples to apples as much as you can. Rarely will you find a significant price difference between comparable mattresses in the brick and mortar stores competing in the same market. If one queen mattress is $1,000, and the other is $500, it is doubtful they are the same. It may be from the same manufacturer, they may have a similar look, but there is something different – foam layers, quantity, coil count, warranty, cover etc., that accounts for the price difference.

Don’t make a hasty decision. If you can get to the stores before the holidays, you will have a chance to really test the beds and get the full attention of the sleep professional. I have worked Memorial weekends where I was attempting to help five customers at once. You will never get the attention you need in that situation.

Happy Memorial Day Shopping!

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