Negotiating The Mattress Price Minefield

Getting The Best Mattress Price.

If you don’t learn anything else from this post, plant this deep within in your heart.


I don’t care if the salesman claims that the mattress is 99% off, it is meaningless if the starting price has been inflated. All that really matters is the final price. Imagine if Mattress Store #1 is having a giant mattress sale and everything is 50% off. You find a mattress you like for $500 that was supposedly $1,000. You go to Mattress Store #2 and find a comparable mattress set for $450, which is 30% off of their regular price. Which would you choose? Believe it or not, I had customers pay more because they thought they were saving more!

How To Get The Best Mattress Price.

Mattress Sales

Don’t shop by discount percentages. Focus on the final price.

Visit a mattress store and find a mattress you like. Write down all the information you can on that mattress – manufacturer, price, make, model and measure the depth of the mattress. Visit other retailers and find a comparable mattress set. Verify that the mattress is truly comparable – similar specs, specialty foams, marketing description, brand etc. If the price is lower, you can take that information back to the original store to see if they will beat the price. If the price is the same or close, I would choose the store that has the best services – delivery, trial period, in-house warranty processing, and the most helpful salesperson. But make sure you consider the entire package, including add-ons and tax.

Mattress stores may not match or beat online mattress retailers – they basically are call centers and have very different cost structure than a brick and mortar store. But any traditional retailer in the same trade area is potential leverage for you. Make sure you are comparing apples-to-apples. Salespeople may try to mislead you, so be wary and question anything that does not sound true. There are many mattress salespeople that operate with a lot of integrity, but unfortunately there are still plenty that will tell you what you want to hear.

Don’t Fall For The Hype.

If Tank’s Tattoos And Mattresses is having a mattress blowout event, featuring queen sets for just $249, don’t take the bait. It is unlikely that anyone in your family, including pets, could sleep on that mattress. It is designed to lure you in. The remaining mattress options, maybe even the one that actually might work for you, may not even be a good value. But the seed of “this place has rockin’ deals” has been planted in your head.

Shop smart. Do your homework. Find a true sleep expert. Tank’s cousin Gene, who once watched a YouTube video on sleep, and will make you an awesome deal, probably does not have the answers to your sleep questions. And even if Tank puts out balloons, garland, free hot dogs, or even a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man, don’t fall for the mattress hype. Good sleep is too important.


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