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I have mentioned in the past that the number one objection I hear from consumers about Tempur-Pedic specifically, and memory foam mattresses in general, is that they sleep hot. When allowed to dig, I usually find that the one making these claims has never really slept on a quality memory foam product, or had some bad experience with a topper, pillow, or some really cheap knock-off. Its almost comical how this myth continues.

1. I’m a big guy, comfortably over 300 lbs., and more hot natured than any menopausal woman on the planet. I could perspire in below freezing weather – and have, throughout my life. I have slept on the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme for almost 3 years now and sleep cooler than any other mattress I have ever had.

2. For over a decade I sold Tempur-Pedic mattresses, as well as every other major brand – memory foam, air, innerspring, latex – you name it. I could count the number of return/exchanges for Tempur-Pedic because of heat issues on one hand – and they were my number one selling brand! I had just as many returns for heat on other types, and honestly did not find any that were substantially better in keeping folks cool.

Sleep Is Good

Good sleep makes your mornings much better!

3. If you are truly a hot or warm person, no mattress will solve this. There is no gel, or secret formula foam, that will change your body’s metabolism. Other types of mattresses – air, innerspring, latex etc., may actually be worse in some cases than memory foam.

I find sometimes offering my own experiences helps to explain sleep issues. So indulge me for a moment. I had a premium ‘S Brand’ pillowtop mattress before. I would consistently wake up with a wet pillow, and rarely did any cover ever stay over me for the whole night. I tried all sorts of breathable sheets – down comforters, no comforters, no top sheet – you name it.

I now sleep on my memory foam mattress with natural fiber sheets, and use a very light down comforter year round. I rarely have any heat issues. And usually if they occur, it will be related to environment – big temp changes, or internal metabolic changes – fever, late night binging etc.

Now, what changed? On the pillowtop, I was tossing all night, experiencing pressure points on my hip and shoulder, lower back pain from alignment issues, shifting, twisting, kicking covers off etc. In other words, my muscles were expending energy all night long. This produces heat, raises the blood pressure, creates anxiety, which in total, made me VERY HOT. When I was able to relax, let my muscles and brain relax, my core temperature would go down, and my sleep quality – and temperature – is so much better.

As I have spoken to others that reported heat issues who have switched to memory foam, the experiences seem very similar – less movement at night, and no major heat issues.

So let’s wrap this blog up with a bow. Take care of the alignment, eliminate the pressure and comfort issues, and much of your heat issues MAY disappear. This might be accomplished with a traditional innerspring mattress. BUT, a good quality memory foam mattress most likely will be even better. As I found, I never stayed in the same position while sleeping like I have on my Tempur-Pedic. But it makes sense. If there are no alignment issues, no pressure, and you are comfortable, most of that shifting and turning should go away.

Happy Sleep!
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