What Is The Best Mattress Brand?

What Is The Best Mattress Brand?

Some honest words from the trenches.


I’ve been asked numerous times, “What is the best mattress brand?” I can say without hesitation that the best mattress brand on the market is Tempur-Pedic. I sold all the top brands including the leading air mattresses and virtually every major brand of memory foam, latex, and innerspring mattresses.

The human body was never designed to sleep on steel springs. Too many comfort layers may cause alignment issues. Too few will cause pressure issues. There is a fine line between the two. And it is very difficult to find one good compromise that will work for both sleep partners. Air beds suffer the same body impression challenges as traditional mattresses, and with pumps, and things that may leak, there are plenty of opportunities for failure. Comfort life for even your luxury mattresses is often just 4-6 years, and their warranties often allow for as much as 1.5″ in body impressions. Yikes!

By far, Tempur-Pedic was the top seller, least problematic, with the highest customer satisfaction. When a customer purchased one, if I ever saw them again, it was to thank me, buy another one, or bring a friend/family member in to purchase one. Tempur-Pedic is the best mattress solution on the planet, IF you like the way it feels.

Some people simply don’t like the feel, and that’s OK. It may not be for everyone. When folks give it at least a 30 day trial, more times than not, they are finished with traditional mattresses.

Let’s take a brief look at what they do for you:

Alignment – No other mattress provides perfect alignment no matter what position you are in or how much you weigh.

Pressure Relief – There are no springs or air pressure to deal with, and the material is pressure relieving. You should never have any issues with sore hips/shoulders, numb limbs or tossing and turning – unless you select a model that does not fit your body.

Motion Transfer – You will rarely feel your partner move, allowing you to sleep without disturbance.

Body Impressions – Tempur material remembers ITS shape not yours. It has one of the best mattress warranties in the business, covering impressions greater than .75″ for 10 years.

Comfort Life – Even the most expensive innerspring mattresses likely will only give you 4-6 years of quality sleep. Lots of factors will go into this equation. Tempur-Pedic was the one brand I could confidently predict 10 years of quality sleep. I only stop there because a whole lot of life changes can occur over a decade. It is very possible the mattress you buy in 2015 will not work for your body in 2025. However, if any mattress could successfully adapt, it would be a Tempur-Pedic.


Assuming you have decided to give Tempur-Pedic a try, remember the following:

1. Not every model will work for you. If you sleep on your side, you will likely need a more conforming model (more Tempur material). Your shoulder/hip width will determine how much you ultimately need to be aligned comfortably.

2. Side sleepers tend to do better on the Cloud line. The Contour line works best if you sleep on your back, stomach, or like a much firmer feel.

3. If you truly don’t feel the difference between two models, go with the less expensive one, but not before trying both on your side. You may not notice subtle, but yet critical differences on either mattress on your back or stomach. However, on your side you should absolutely notice a difference. If one partner sleeps on their side, defer to their needs. Its much easier for a back or stomach sleeper to adapt to a more conforming feel, than a side sleeper to a firmer feel.

4. Make sure you have the option to exchange the mattress within 90 days. Know the store’s policy for exchanges, preferably in writing. Thirty days should be the absolute minimum. Expect a few uncomfortable nights as you adjust to the Tempur material. The firmer the feel you select, the longer the adjustment time. If you buy a super hard Contour model, it might be best to wait over 30 days, as it will take more time for the mattress to match the feel of a well-tested showroom model.

5. Don’t be fooled by imitators, or offers that sound to good to be true. If Joe’s Bait, Bar, and Mattress Shop is selling “Tempur-Pedic” for 50% off, be skeptical.

6. Forget EVERYTHING you think you know about mattresses, or experienced with springs, water, or air, when it comes to Tempur-Pedic. It is THE BEST solution if you can find one that is comfortable to both your body and your wallet. You will pay a little more upfront, but the quality and duration of sleep is often well worth the investment.



Its much easier for a back or stomach sleeper to adapt to a more conforming feel, than a side sleeper to a firmer feel.

I am often asked if so-and-so memory foam brand is any good. The bottom line is if you want superior quality and durability, get Tempur-Pedic. Salespeople will try their best to sell you some knock-off and tell you how much better their product is. Resist the temptation. Salesmen push knock-offs because they generally earn more commission off of the me-too brands that allow price manipulation. Tempur-Pedic has a minimum price that most legitimate retailers follow. This means salespeople often do not make as much on Tempur-Pedic as a similarly priced imitator. If your salesperson has your best interests in mind, they will show you all options, and not just push you to some obscure memory foam product that makes them more money.

Ultimately though, the best mattress and brand is the one that fits your body and feels the best. That is why it is so important to find a competent salesperson and have them fit you properly on the correct mattress for your body.


Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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