“Why does mattress shopping have to be so hard?”

Why This Blog Exists – In reviewing mattress shopping sites and after many years of helping consumers with their sleep needs, I thought it was time to share some of what I have learned along the way. It is my hope that this blog will take the mystery and confusion out of buying a mattress.

My Two Primary Goals:

1. Empower consumers to make smart mattress choices by explaining the industry and pointing out the deceptive practices to avoid.

2. Encourage the mattress industry to reform itself by educating consumers and pointing out the sometimes ridiculous sales and merchandising gimmicks employed by them.

Why me? Why now? – Throughout my career, I have learned that if you treat people with honesty and run your business with integrity, you will always succeed. Unfortunately, the mattress industry does not always operate this way. It is sad that so many people have reported bad experiences in searching for a good sleep solution. Mattress shopping does not have to be difficult or confusing. The dishonest folks in the industry make it very difficult for the many professionals who do their best to operate their business with integrity.

What Is Your Background? – I’m 25+ year marketing veteran having worked in product development, marketing communications and sales. I’ve worked with, sold or slept on every major mattress brand during my career.

Where do I start? – Look through the posts and the pages listed for some good basic information on buying a mattress. Always check back as I continually add more information to this site and address questions, comments and issues as they arise.

What this is not – I will from time to time mention certain brands, features and services that I think are helpful or of a very high quality. You might infer from this that mattress brands not mentioned are inferior. That is not always the case. Depending on the sleep situation, almost any mattress brand/model might work.

I avoid saying anything negative about specific manufacturers or retailers. So please keep this in mind with any comments or questions. This site is for educational purposes, not to bash the industry. There are plenty of sites for people to vent their frustrations. Any and all information on this blog is meant to improve the consumer experience and hopefully reward those manufacturers, retailers and salespeople who operate their business with integrity and a customer-first attitude.

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