How To Buy A Mattress

“I haven’t bought a mattress in 25 years. Where do I start?”

Although many have told me they can sleep anywhere, the reality is that most people simply settle on a mattress. We are all different sizes and shapes.  There are rarely two people sleeping in the same bed who weigh the same or sleep in the exact same position. This is why it is critical to spend some time selecting a mattress that will provide you and your partner the proper support AND the correct conformance.

People will spend thousands of dollars and many hours researching before purchasing computers, TVs and furniture. But when it comes to buying the one piece of furniture that will directly affect their health for the next decade, they will just pick the cheapest mattress they can find.

Koala bear asleep in a tree

Can you sleep anywhere?

There is no other decision more important to your health than selecting the correct mattress.

Mattress shopping does not have to be difficult. The key is to know how to start. In the following pages, we will take you step-by-step through the selection process. Some of the pages may seem elementary, but are important to your ultimate buying decision. I would encourage you to scan all the pages below. Some of the issues raised may end up saving you time and money.

Finding A Good Mattress Salesperson

How To Be A Good Mattress Customer

Mattress Accessories

Mattress Price

Mattress Purchase

Mattress Selection

Mattress Services

Mattress Size

Mattress Testing

I would also encourage you to review the blog posts for related topics.

Happy Mattress Shopping!

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