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Mattress Manufacturers – The “S” Brands 








Tempur-Pedic® – Yes, I know it starts with a “T”, but they have earned the listing.

There are literally hundreds of mattress brands and manufacturers. The above list represents some of the best selling and most widely distributed in the US, as well as brands that I know the best. Here are some other major manufacturers with which I am familiar: Comfortaire, Duxiana®, Kingsdown®, King Koil® 



Leave your law tag on your mattress. Its not really in the way and may come in handy if/when you file a warranty claim. If you must remove it, save it with your warranty card and sales receipt in a safe place. You will need all of these in the event you need to file a claim.


Other Helpful Sites

The Better Sleep Council – Mattress & sleep tips

National Sleep Foundation – Waking America to the importance of sleep

Dust Mites – A fact sheet from Clemson University

Bed Bugs – A fact sheet from Harvard University



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