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Welcome to the Best Mattress Advice site! This blog evolved from an old website that featured advice and insight into the mattress industry and how to select and purchase the right mattress.

Click on the pages to the right to learn how to select the perfect mattress, find a good mattress salesperson, negotiate the best price and get the mattress of your dreams.

Remember, you are buying sleep, not a mattress. The way the mattress aligns your body, supports you and conforms to you are all very important factors in your health and well being.

The About page gives you an overview of what we are all about. Look for future posts to address mattress issues and provide tips on what things to look for and what to avoid as you search for the mattress of your dreams.

Comments are welcome and I will respond as quickly as life will allow.

Happy Mattress Shopping!


Image: federico stevanin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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