Should You Replace A Mattress After 8 Years?

If my mattress has a 10 year warranty, why should I replace it after 8 years?

I know there is at least one mattress chain that is pushing the change every 8 year meme with their customers. The concept has been used successfully before, most notably by the oil change industry,where they have greatly reduced the times between oil changes. The 8 year campaign is designed to reduce the time between mattress purchases.

They use scare tactics including the threat of dust mites and bacteria to make you run out and replace your “old” and “dirty” and “bug-infested” mattress. The reality is that dust mites are everywhere in your home. If you are using a water proof protector to keep your mattress clean. And washing your linens as needed, you could sleep on the mattress 20 years without incident.

HOWEVER, if you are not sleeping comfortably – not supported or aligned properly, or experiencing pressure points that cause you to frequently change positions, you need to immediately consider changing mattresses. Whether its one year, or 20 years, DO NOT KEEP SLEEPING ON AN UNCOMFORTABLE MATTRESS. Sleep is too important.

There may be a 10 year warranty, but they do not cover comfort. If the mattress is no longer providing you the correct comfort or alignment, its time to go mattress shopping.

I have also heard the claim that the mattress doubles in weight every 8 years from dust mites and their waste. Having picked up mattresses as old as 30 years, I am quite skeptical. I will agree that any mattress that is at least 8 years old and has not been properly protected is quite the breeding ground for all types of allergens.

Use some common sense when it comes to mattress shopping. Don’t fall for the hype.

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