Celebrity Endorsements And Mattress Licensing

Since the dawn of time manufacturers have used the powerful and famous to help sell their products and services. It really should be no surprise that the mattress industry does the exact thing. Through either licensing arrangements or celebrity endorsements, an otherwise unknown brand can piggyback on a famous name.

Without giving specific examples, let me give you a fictitious example. Imagine the Purple Hippo Mattress Company is losing market share and has a bad reputation among consumers. They sign a licensing deal with a famous celebrity and re-brand their mattresses as Big Celebrity Mattresses!

I am not sure what some fashion designer, celebrity, hotel chain, Olympic team or even psychologists know about proper alignment and mattress manufacturing, but if it can fool a few consumers and provide a marketing edge, why not, right?

Now there is really nothing wrong with this practice. Virtually every industry does this. But the point I want to make is the same one I have made frequently on this blog: Don’t Fall For The Hype!

Test the mattresses for proper alignment and pressure relief. Learn what you can about what is inside and compare comparable models at competitors. The mattress needs to work for YOUR body. The fact that some actor supposedly sleeps on one, or endorses them, is meaningless to you.

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