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If you have visited this blog much, you know I don’t give out praise unless it is truly warranted. I must say the 2011 Sealy Posturepedic line of innerspring mattresses is one of the best lines I have seen in over a decade.

Sealy has long been the leader in mattress sales, but I, like many others, have believed that the product just wasn’t living up to the name in recent years. The complaints that had plagued so many mattress companies had finally caught up to Sealy. Excessive body impressions, motion transfer, squeaky boxes, creaky edge support and noisy coil systems, were among the feedback I received from consumers over the years. On the floor, I could see firsthand the results by customer preference. The Sealy mattresses of the past were simply losing the battle and no matter how many cosmetic “red lights” were added, they needed a major change.

They had already given Stearns & Foster, their luxury line, a major overhaul with some success. I remain cautiously optimistic on S&F mainly because I believe they are still largely trading on the name and cosmetics instead of outstanding craftsmanship that was their legacy. Don’t misunderstand me, S&F can be very good mattresses for many people, but for the money, Sealy may be the better value. 

The 2011 Sealy Posturepedic mattresses have replaced their old standby PostureTech coil sytem for a Marshall coil system featured in so many other mattresses these days. Of course they had to put their stamp on it using Titanium and a dual support design. The main advantages include less motion, noise and far less need to add layer upon layer of fluff to make it comfortable. The edge support is far superior to previous years and they include handles – something long forgotten by many manufacturers, on most models I have seen.

I have not tested the entire line, but of what I have seen, they have generally gone away from the 13-year old girl mattress. What I mean by that is those mattresses that only a 13-year old girl could sleep on because it is so soft and simply a warranty return waiting to happen. That is if it even made it beyond a retailer’s own exchange window. The mattresses are firmer feeling generally and have more durable comfort layers, which should solve some of the body impression challenges.

Some of their lower level mattresses still have the old coil system. There is not anything necessarily wrong with it, but the newer system is far superior in my opinion. You will feel the difference when you test them out.

Good job Sealy!

The only question that remains is, “Did you make the Sealy Posturepedics too good?

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