Simmons 2011 Mattresses

Well that didn’t take long. Sealy greatly improved their line and now Simmons is releasing their new mattresses for 2011. In a similar fashion, I thought Simmons got lazy with their mattresses. You had two supports – hard and soft. There were no handles and no edge support until you were at the World Class level. As a salesperson, and even a customer, you got the feeling that they really didn’t care.

Whether it was a reaction to Sealy, or just a long overdue wake up call, Simmons is back with a vengeance. Foam encasemnt starting at the Beautyrest Classic level and even handles on several models. Why is this so important? If you have ever tried to move or reposition a Simmons mattress, those buggers are heavy.

They have dropped from their old 800 coil system to 704 and 660 – you will see density listed as 900 and 800. You can see my post on coil density for my opinion on that. They also have a 14.75 gauge option that was long overdue. The 13 was way too hard and the 15 too soft for most adults. The 14 should be a good compromise.

Every chain will have their own versions, comfort layer combinations¬†and “red lights” – unique exclusives to set them apart from their competitors. The ones I have tried felt very nice and the look is definitely an improvement over the last several years. With both Sealy and Simmons raising the bar substantially, it will be interesting to see who is next.

Good Job Simmons!!

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