The Deal Is Always Better At The Last Mattress Store

What I love the most about the big Summer holiday sales season is the people that swear that the grass is greaner at the last mattress shop.

I was at a store during Memorial Day weekend and heard variations of this theme numerous times. Sometimes it was simply confusion. There are thousands of mattresses on the market and product confusion is rampant among consumers who only shop once every decade. Bad information from the previous mattress salesperson, that does not know their product, was another culprit.

I’m not being mean, but more times than not, it was customers simply lying to try and get a lower price. The thing that they forget is that a good mattress salesperson probably knows the mattresses at the competition better than their own sales staff. I know when I was selling, if I did not recognize the name immediately, within seconds I could access the info online. If in fact the competitor had me beat, we had a low price policy in place to make sure the customer ALWAYS got the best price.

So here is my advice, don’t make stuff up. If you truly believe that you have seen something comparable for less, be prepared to provide evidence. The name of the mattress, a business card, an ad or something. Don’t play games. A good mattress salesperson wants you to get the best mattress at the best price. But if you are more interested in showing off your savvy negotiation skills, you probably should visit the local mattress discounter and haggle your life away. In the end, you will probably pay more both in dollars and hassle.

And if it is truly ALL about price, order online or from your local membership warehouse. I mean if you really don’t care about support, alignment, durability, comfort or even matching the mattress with your body, any old set of springs will do, right?

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