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Let’s Make A Deal

I have heard many versions of the following story.

A customer heads out to the nearest furniture discounter or liquidator. They see a $4,000 handmade mattress on sale for $800. It is a massively thick super pillowtop that feels great.

“What a deal!” – they think to themselves and pull out their credit card to purchase the mattress.

A year or two later, the mattress of their dreams becomes their reoccurring nightmare. They are tossing and turning and waking up with back pain every morning. Their beautiful super pillowtop now looks like Crater Lake. Since they bought at the local furniture liquidator/discounter, there is no warranty and no exchange. They are out $800 and can’t sleep. But they got a really good deal!

Let’s be honest. That mattress was never a $4,000 mattress. Depending on where it was purchased, it may have been overstock or manufactured and sold at a deep discount simply to keep the employees in the factory working.

For that same $800, you could have bought a decent entry level Simmons  or Sealy from a sleep expert that would have fit you with the right comfort and support for your body. The mattress would have had a warranty, and at many reputable locations, a chance to exchange it if you did not like the feel.

I don’t care if you are buying from Monty Hall, you rarely get a deal in this industry. You get what you pay for. If you try and cut corners, you will most likely lose in the end. Do your homework. Find a knowledgeable salesperson that can match you with the correct mattress that fits your budget.

Do not cut corners with your sleep. Remember, you are not shopping for a mattress. You are shopping for good sleep. A mattress purchase is far too important of a purchase to play Let’s Make A Deal.

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