Columbus Day Mattress Sale

Columbus Day is the holiday we celebrate Europeans first landing in the Americas. What this has to do with mattresses and sleep is anyone’s guess. But it is for some a three day weekend, so why not have a mattress sale?

A quick review of the sales events at various mattress retailers reveals a smorgasbord of options.

“Free” Box Springs Sale – Make sure you ask what the price is for just the mattress. There is nothing free in this world.

“Mismatch” Sale – I have never understood how any company, unless it is grossly mismanaged, could end up with a surplus of boxes. Always verify that the mismatched box is the identical quality of the regualr box. Often it is inferior, which could cause problems down the road.

35%, 50%, 75% Off Sale – Off of what price? If it is not the regular day-to-day price, it is meaningless hype to get you excited.

Inventory Clearance Sale – Its a good a reason as any I guess to have a sale.

$199 Queen Set Sale – Dear Lord please do not buy a $199 queen set. I love people too much to have them suffer on a crappy mattress.


If you do go exploring for a new mattress during the Columbus Day weekend, please follow a few simple bits of advice.

1. Shop for sleep, not a mattress. Many salespeople will try and sell you a mattress and NOT fit you for good sleep. Find a sleep expert who will help you get fitted properly.

2. Resist the “bargains” and “deals” and focus on finding the correct support and alignment for YOU first.

3. Visit a store that has a wide selection of the the “S” brands and Tempur-Pedic – these are generally the best quality and value on the market.

4. Once you have selected a brand and selected a model, then visit other stores to compare pricing and services. Make sure you compare EVERYTHING including trial periods, delivery and accessories. (See the How to Buy a Mattress pages for help)

5. Once you have found the best price, use that info, if necessary, to negotiate the best price and service combination. I reputable retailer will only adjust prices in a competitive situation. If the price drops freely and easily, it is likely overpriced already. But if a competitor does have a comparable bed for less, there is justification for matching or beating the price.

6. If you want honesty and respect, give it. Don’t lie to a salesperson and claim you saw the same bed for $500 less when you didn’t. A seasoned pro knows the prices of the competitors better than you.

7. A GOOD salesperson will be worth every penny they earn in commission.


Happy Columbus Day!

May you discover the mattress of your dreams!!


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