Mattress Shopping Made Easy

Shopping For A Mattress Is As Easy As CAPS.

C is for Comfort. This may seem almost elementary, but you would be amazed at how many times people will purchase a bed primarily because of price or even brand. They slept on that S-brand mattress for 20 years, and so they want the same thing. The only problem is that mattress no longer exists. Try out the mattress lying on your back, side and natural sleeping position for at least 5 minutes before you make a decision. If you have a special pillow that you cannot sleep without, take it with you to the store. Make sure the new mattress and the pillow work together providing optimal comfort for you.

A is for Alignment. This may require that you bring a partner. On your back, have your partner check to make sure your upper back is flat against the mattress, the lower back is filled in, and there is a slight bend at the knees. There should be a relatively straight line from your neck down to your hips. Same goes for your side. The hip and shoulder should sink in just enough to keep your back straight. If you are shopping alone, ask the salesperson to check for you. Pay attention to your body as well, or else the most expensive mattress will be the only one that aligns you properly. And that last fact saddens me the most.

P is for Pressure. This factor will come into play primarily on your side. But even on your back on a firm (hard) mattress, this may be a problem. Since most people do spend at least some time on their sides, I would encourage you to test the mattress on your side. While you are on your side, focus on how your shoulder and hip feel. If you feel ANY pressure or discomfort, I would strongly encourage you to select a softer, or more conforming mattress. You are putting a whole lot of pressure on those two points when you are on your side. And it will only get worse after 6 to 8 hours in that sleeping position.

S is for Service. Do not buy a mattress unless you have the option of an exchange, or trial period. Unless you sleep on the mattress at least 30 nights, you will not know for sure if you have selected the correct mattress. Ask for the store’s policy in writing, and make sure they will allow an exchange with minimal strings. Floor model mattresses will feel significantly difficult from a brand new mattress in your home. It may take a couple of weeks for it to match the feel of the floor model mattress. Plus, 5 minutes of testing is NOT the same as 8 hours of sleep.


Once you have identified the correct mattress, then make sure you shop around for the best price and services. If a “comparable” mattress is significantly less at another mattress retailer, be cautious. They may be trying to give you an inferior product to make a sale. There should not be significant price differences between brick and mortar mattress retailers. This business is way too competitive and there is too much information available to make that mistake. If you do discover price differences, use that to your advantage. A reputable retailer will match or beat the price (depending on store policies), of truly comparable mattresses.


Happy Mattress Shopping!


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