Finding A Good Mattress Salesperson

“Our salesperson asked all the right questions and never pushed us. She made picking a mattress easy.”

How To Recognize A Mattress Professional
1. They place your needs above their own.
– If the salesperson continues telling you what they would do or they push one brand over the other, they are probably not looking out for your best interest. They should guide, but never push.

2. Price, Price, Price – Price is the least important factor in getting a good night’s sleep. At some point the price issue has to be addressed, but hopefully well after all other comfort issues have been explored. Ask yourself this question, “If I slept comfortably for the next 5-10 years, what is that worth?” People will pay hundreds for a night at a luxury hotel, but balk at paying $1,000 for a mattress they will sleep on for the next 10 years! That works out to less than $0.30 a night for 10 years and only $0.55 for just 5 years of comfortable sleep!

A Good Mattress Salesperson

A good mattress salesperson will guide and never push.

If your salesperson only wants to talk price and what you are willing to pay, it is probably a good bet that they really do not care how well you sleep. A GOOD mattress salesperson will always focus on your comfort needs first and price last.

Find the right brand and comfort level and then have the salesperson show you other options that are less. If they start discounting, they are overpriced and you need to run, not walk to some other store. If the higher priced models truly feel better, it will be well worth the extra investment for you.

3. Discounting or “Haggling” Is NOT Selling. – There may be some that disagree, but I agree with James C. Penney that everyone should pay the same low price. The foreigner that thinks they still shop at the bazaar in their home country and likes to “haggle,” should not get a better deal than the senior citizen who just wants a good night’s sleep! Most salespeople do not own the business and do not set the pricing. If the mattresses are priced competitively, the ONLY reason they should ever discount is to beat a competitor’s comparable set. And there should be a written policy for this that extends well after the sale as further protection for you.

Any trained monkey can discount. If your salesperson continually tries to get you to purchase by lowering the price, it is obviously too high to begin with. A GOOD salesperson explains the value of the product and then offers lower-priced options for your consideration.

If you get a discount because the salesperson is substituting a different box, you may be getting a LOWER QUALITY BOX and you run the risk of your warranty being voided or premature damage to your mattress. If the box costs less, it is most likely inferior.

4. Bashing the Competition – Pointing out differences in price or services can be done without bashing competitors. Slamming other retailers is not something a GOOD salesperson will ever do. A GOOD salesperson will know their competitors advantages and disadvantages and contrast them for you. A GOOD salesperson will be happy to provide written policies from both their own company and competitors – if available.

5. Bashing Brands – A GOOD salesperson will not engage in bashing brands. There are strong and compelling reasons why the S-Brands continually rank at the top of total sales. Once you get to each company’s mainline mattresses, they are all good in different ways. If a major retailer does not carry certain brands, you should question the quality of those brands. Most manufacturers’ websites allow you to do a search for retailers in your area. If no, or few retailers carry that brand, I would strongly consider buying something else.

For Example: Let’s suppose you visit the web site for Purple Hippo Mattresses and do a store locator search for your zip code. If no major department stores or mattress retailers come up, but instead Frank’s Bait, Tackle and Mattress Shop is the only retailer that carries that brand, its probably wise to avoid buying Purple Hippo Mattresses.

6. Knowledge – If you only shop for a mattress once every 10 years, its a good bet that technology has changed during that time. A GOOD mattress salesperson will have plenty of knowledge of the latest advances and how they might be the right solution for your sleep situation.

7. Trust – I get bombarded with trade journals trying to improve the sales process. It seems there is a mattress salesperson training industry that is almost as big as the mattress industry itself. One of the current hot topics is building trust with your customers. I chuckle when I read that. If your salesperson does not possess the core values of honesty and integrity, they will have a hard time getting someone to trust them. No matter how sincere they try to act, a discerning customer will see through it. A GOOD salesperson will not need to put on an act. If you pay close attention to what they say and how they present the mattresses to you, you will quickly know who you can trust. When you find such a salesperson, make sure you reciprocate the honesty.

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