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“I never thought about trial periods and warranty. Thanks for the heads up.”

You have found the right mattress and narrowed down a price. Here are some final things you need to consider before pulling the trigger.

Trial Period – You should have at least 30 days to try the mattress out. Most retailers will not let you return a used mattress for a full refund – not much of a market for used beds. However, many will allow you to exchange it for equal or greater value. If you are not well adjusted and sleeping comfortably after 30 days, you need to consider changing mattresses.

There will usually be some sort of a fee, either fixed or a percent of purchase and delivery. If you are buying from a discounter, they will try and force you to pay the difference between their “regular” price and the haggled price of the returning mattress. That could be a very significant amount. This is one BIG reason why I would not buy from a retailer that plays the discount game.

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You need a minimum of 30 nights to test a mattress.

You should never have to buy “stain insurance” or “stain protection” for a trial period. If the retailer tries to throw these at you, walk away. But keep in mind, most retailers will not pick up a soiled or stained mattress. You will need to make sure your mattress stays clean. See accessories for suggestions for how to prevent this.

Warranty – Warranties will vary from 0-20+ years depending on the quality of mattress you purchase. Read the warranty information for your mattress choice. It needs to be at least 10 years AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, it must cover body impressions. Body impressions are the single biggest complaint the industry gets and almost every innerspring mattress will have some over its life. If the warranty does not cover body impressions, it is worthless.

Most manufacturers have a minimum of 1.5″ before the warranty kicks in. So keep this in mind when you are checking warranties. Depending on your body shape, weight, sleep position, 1.5″ could cause significant discomfort.

Two Key Points To Keep In Mind About Warranties

1. Find out who processes the claims. If the retailer does, the claim process will most likely be much faster than going to the manufacturer. And you can still go to the manufacturer if the retailer were to go under.

2. Any problem within that first few days can most likely be solved by the retailer. If there is a defect or warranty issue within the first month, contact the retailer ASAP. You want to address the problem, or get a replacement and not wait the 3-6 months for a manufacturer to process a claim.

Delivery – I address this both on accessories and services because there really are two parts to consider. What does delivery really mean? At some places it is only to your doorstep. Some retailers will not remove an old mattress and you do not want to get stuck with a mattress you can’t easily dispose. Some retailers will not set up, or try and charge you more for this service.

The bottom line is you need two men in a closed truck to safely move your new mattress from the warehouse into your home. You will want them to be insured in case there are any accidents. Most larger chains will have their own crews and provide the above services.

Never accept delivery of a different mattress or box than what you ordered. Also, if there is significant damage (not cosmetic) refuse delivery and call the store for a replacement. Once you take possession of a mattress, it is much more difficult to get some retailers to correct any issues.

When the mattress is delivered and before you sign for it, inspect it carefully. Any damage (stains, tears etc), need to be written on the manifest before signing. Call the store back immediately and report the damage. If the damage would make it impossible to sleep on, refuse delivery and have the delivery crew take it back to the warehouse. Once you sign for it, you have far less bargaining power. Also, if another delivery is needed because of damage, I would request a delivery refund. Most good retailers will compensate you for the added inconvenience.

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