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“We were thinking of replacing our queen, but instead bought a king after visiting your site. We are so much more comfortable!”

Master Bedroom – The two most common sizes for a master bed are king (76×80) and queen (60×80). If space permits, I always recommend a king size. Two adults need space to turn on a mattress. A king size bed allows both to have room to sleep comfortably.

Another option is California king (72×84). I do not recommend this size unless you really need the extra length. Most people curl up and do not sleep fully extended. But if you are over 6″5″ you might consider the cal king size. The downside is that your options for beds and linens are greatly reduced if you choose the cal king mattress size.

If you already have a queen bed and don’t plan on moving to a king size in the next 5 years, purchase a queen. If you plan on moving to a king in the near future, the cost of buying a quality king size mattress will be far less now than 5 years later. And you can always slide your existing queen into another room for guests or children.

The price difference between queen and king will be around $300-$500 depending on the brand and level you are considering. Well worth the investment for more room and better sleep. If your current bedroom does not have the space, it might be prudent to purchase a midrange queen, knowing that after you move somewhere else, that mattress will become the guest bed.

Guest Beds – Always, when space permits, select at least a queen size. This will allow two adults to sleep somewhat comfortably together. Queen size is the most common bed size and will give you more bed and linens options for the guest room.

If choosing between full and queen size, always pick queen. A queen gives you many more bed and linens options and is much more comfortable for two adults than a full.

Most rooms are built to fit at least a queen size mattress set. If you already have great grandma’s antique full (53×75) bed in the room, then get a full size. But make sure you get a quality set. At that size, there will be little room to turn and adjust¬†on an uncomfortable mattress. Same goes for a twin size (38×75) purchase. If you expect an adult to sleep on a twin, it needs to be supportive enough and comfortable enough for them because there will be no room to move or adjust on a twin. For more information on selecting a guest bed click here.

Choose you kid’s bed carefully. A supportive mattress is critical to their growth.

Children’s Beds – This is the most challenging purchase for most people. The average customer wants to cut corners assuming that children will “tear it up” or they simply don’t want to “waste” money on a children’s mattress. The questions you need to ask yourself for children’s beds are:

1. Will the mattress ever be used for a guest bed?
2. Will you be sleeping with your child?
3. How long do you see your child in the same size bed?

If this is the first mattress for your toddler, twin size is probably the best choice. Make sure that it is of high enough quality for them to be comfortable because there will be little room to turn as they grow. Usually by their early teens, kids transition to a full or queen.

If you are buying for an older child, or teenager, I would recommend queen. This will probably be an extra guest bed or eventually become the bed in their first apartment. And again, queen will give you the most bed and linens options. Select full only if there simply is not enough space. But the difference is small. If a full will fit, most likely a queen will as well.

One final point, usually full mattress sets and queen mattress sets are the same price. Another reason you should select queen.

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